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Through grants, the Dutch government and the European Union to invest in projects that contribute to the policy. For this, the European Union reserves its Member States an annual amount of over € 300 billion. There are National, Provincial and Regional level several funding opportunities for your project.
DGGF - Dutch Good Growth Fund
The DGGF supports SMEs and entrepreneurs in emerging markets and developing countries. Applications for example, contribute to employment, boost local production power and knowledge in the developing country.
To whom does this scheme?
Dutch SMEs that intend to invest in and / or export to 68 DGGF countries;
SMEs in 68 DGGF countries;
Company must demonstrate that the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - based on the OECD guidelines
The DGGF is not a subsidy. The loans must therefore be reimbursed to the fund so that other companies may also find use.
The DGGF countries
The Dutch Good Growth Fund is open to the following 68 countries. The countries with an F behind are considered fragile states.
Afghanistan (F), Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Bangladesh, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (F), Burkina Faso,
Burundi (F), Cambodia, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo (F), Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea (F), Ethiopia, Philippines, Gambia,
Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Haiti (F), India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast (F), Yemen (F), Jordan, Cape Verde, Kenya, Kosovo (F), Laos ,
 Lebanon, Liberia (F), Macedonia, Madagascar (F), Malawi (F), Maldives, Mali (F), Morocco, Moldova, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar (F), Nepal (F), Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria , Uganda, Pakistan,
Palestinian Territories (F), Peru, Rwanda, Sao Tome, Senegal, Somalia (F), Sri Lanka, Suriname, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo (F),
Chad (F), Tunisia, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe (F), South Africa,
funding Questions
It DGGF offers a solution to these funding questions:
Financing for Dutch SMEs in emerging markets and developing countries;
Funding for local SMEs in emerging markets and developing countries;
Financing / insurance of development-related export of Dutch SMEs to emerging markets and developing countries.
another possibility
Not all projects are in a phase that is suitable for the DGGF scheme. For example, when more knowledge would do as keys for the local market or the feasibility of a project, you may use the DHI procedure.
The total budget for this DGGF component amounts to € 175 million. Applications are available for projects up to € 10 million. The Fund co-finances up to 49% of the application.
We are looking for:- Joint investmentpartners-Joint applications for EU-Funding projects in the  packaging machinery and takeover the emerging markets.